Lets appreciate homecoming now that it’s back

Getting to know the campus and attending events is how a student feels connected with the school they attend. This is how you meet people, make memories, and feel as if you’ve found your home away from home.

Last year, many students at Minnesota State University, Mankato weren’t able to experience the traditional college experience, as COVID-19 took away many of those opportunities.

Now that students are on campus and classes are in-person, there are various events taking place on campus for everyone to participate in, no matter their interests. Recognized Student Organizations are looking to recruit new members, sporting events are encouraging fans to attend their games, and professors are inviting the campus community to listen in on 

As students are getting settled into the new school year, one way to welcome them back is with a homecoming week to celebrate school pride, as there are activities planned for every day of the week. 

The University has reassembled an extensive list of events and activities for students and faculty to take part in. including but not limited to the football game, the homecoming parade, and the food eating contest. All of these are amazing opportunities for students to get out and make college memories that will last a lifetime. 

After a year off from this tradition, homecoming and all events tied to it are back to get students in the Maverick spirit. Each of these events are designed to get students excited to represent their school, and we need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why should you participate in these festivities?

Simple answer is, this is one of the many components of college life that students had to sacrifice over the past 18 months due to the pandemic. Being isolated from the typical college activities has led to students feeling disconnected from the institution they’re a part of.

As we return to a more traditional college experience, we need to take advantage of the things we had to give up all of those months ago. 

It was a common occurrence for everyone to be upset about missing out on the key factors of college life, and now that we’re getting some of those back we need to follow up on the complaints we once made and be part of the University again.

For the freshmen and sophomores this is their first homecoming experience. This is the first time they get to truly experience the campus at its fullest and portray their Maverick pride. For the seniors this is their last chance to live out the full college experience. 

After a year of uncertainty, we were unable to truly partake in what it means to be a college student. So this year, and any year going forward, be sure to appreciate the activities, because as we saw last year, they aren’t always guaranteed.

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