Students share cheap but fun date ideas

Squeezing dates into the budgets and schedules of college life can be a struggle. However, some students at Minnesota State University, Mankato have found creative ways to make dating work. 

MNSU student Annika Wick said, “Lately me and my boyfriend have found going to a store and getting just a few snacks and then coming home and going on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or whatever and watching a movie.” 

This allows for inexpensive and easy at-home time together. Additionally, they have also been going on long walks. Wick also shared one of their more creative ideas, “What we tend to do is recreate pictures we’ve taken in the past.” 

Another festive idea comes from MNSU student Jay Dewacek, “I actually just bought pumpkins for me and my boyfriend to paint, so I’m painting pumpkins this weekend.” 

This fall activity can be budget-friendly, but still engaging. 

When asked for more stay-at-home ideas, Idman Ibrahim, another MNSU student suggested, “I would say cooking. Making a bunch of foods that I haven’t tried.” 

Although this may be a bit more expensive, it’s an easy idea to fit into a packed schedule. 

This thought was echoed by MNSU student and employee Maiker Thao. Thao also advised for first dates to do, “Any date that would help the other person get to know you better. For example, I’m really into Marvel, so if a Marvel movie is coming up…” 

However, it’s often safer to select public spaces for first dates. 

Ben Homeistar, an MNSU student said, “Honestly, going down to the Bullpen is pretty good. You can go bowling for two hours for like five bucks.” 

The Bullpen is located downstairs in the Centennial Student Union and is available to all MNSU students. In addition to bowling, the Bullpen has billiard tables, board games, video games, foosball, darts, karaoke, and more. 

Homeistar also listed one of his most unique dates as going to a botanical garden. Of course, a botanical garden may not be an easy option as winter approaches. 

Wick offered, “Bike riding, skateboarding, except in the winter. We reminisce and go back to the Wii games and play board games a lot.” 

Planning a date that’s too casual might throw off the other person. TO really give off a great first impression, put some thought and effort behind the date.

An anonymous student shared how they were invited on a date to the Dining Center on campus. Although this option is cost-free for many students, the student in question explained that it is one of the least romantic places someone could have suggested. They stated preference towards other on-campus locations where Dining Dollars could be utilized at. 

Overall, no matter your preferred budget, location, or time frame, there are creative and fun ways to plan dates. Consider some of these suggestions next time the spout runs dry.

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