What dating in college has to offer

Dating in college has a lot of varying opinions. Some go into college knowing that they will not get into a relationship, some will go into college seeking a significant other and let it be the sole purpose they decided to attend a university.

If you’re like me, you will go into college with the mindset that dating is dumb in college. You might think that college is only temporary and things will get too complicated after graduation.

When you meet that person out of nowhere, though, all of that suddenly changes.

Relationships can get very complicated and are not easy, especially as a 22 year old who is living on their own for the very first time. People can get very busy when they are attending a university. Between classes, clubs, work, and a social life, it can be very hard to find time for a relationship. 

All of that hard work becomes a breeze when you know that you’re doing it for the person you will be spending the rest of your life with.

Relationships can be very fun, exciting, and the most amazing time of your life. But, relationships can be very difficult, tiring, and unappealing if things aren’t handled properly.

When you date in college, one of the most important pieces to a healthy relationship is open communication. 

That doesn’t just go for your feelings towards one another and being open in that aspect. Communication goes for telling your partner when you need to take time to finish homework, study for an exam, and be clear about your other obligations. Relationships can get sloppy and it can turn into an unappealing ideology after one experience. 

Relationships at college can help you learn about yourself as a person, especially as someone who is still growing and will not be the same person in 5-10 years. You learn to make mistakes and become a better person from them.

When you find that person, sometimes there is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than growing into your own adult self with your potential lifelong partner by your side.

I never would have thought that coming into Minnesota State University, Mankato as a transfer student my freshman year, would turn into something so beautiful. Something I would not trade the world for.

It turned my life into a partnership where I’m not afraid to be myself and I always have someone to turn to. Someone who loves me for me and enjoys what I have to offer to the world. Someone I can trust, someone I can rely on. Someone I would do anything for.

Dating in college gave me something bigger than I ever could have thought. And I am so thankful for it every single day.

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