A look into week 7 of fantasy football in the NFL

Just like that, our 2020 stud players seem to be back in true form. After seeing a multitude of weeks where players seemed to be performing far under expectation, it is convincing to see them put up a respectable amount of points for the first time this season.

Who am I specifically talking about? Easy, Titans’ wide receiver AJ Brown and Bills’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs. The two players have been quite atrocious compared to their amazing fantasy football performances last year.

Brown and Diggs both finished top 12 in PPR fantasy wideout rankings last season, but have both been truly lackluster up to this point in the season. Last week, Brown was able to put up a solid 16.1 points on seven catches while Diggs tallied 23.9 on nine catches and a touchdown.

The two were basically upwards of 20-point locks last season, and now, finally show true form for the first time this season. If you are still scared about their fantasy output going forward this would be a great time to sell them high, but I’d much rather keep these guys from here on out.

If you are looking for your next player who might be struggling but should rebound quickly, look at Falcons’ wide receiver Calvin Ridley. Ridley came in as the wide receiver five last season, in PPR formats of course, averaging 18.8 points per game with now Titans’ receiver Julio Jones beside him.

Ridley is only the wide receiver 48 so far this season, and with the same quarterback and offense, it is only a matter of time before he explodes like the others. If you can go and buy Ridley low now before it happens, you will be happy what he can bring to the table going forward.

As far as running backs go it has not been the same story. Instead, it would be great to look at some guys that are awesome holds before they truly explode in value in the final stretch of the season. One guy that comes to mind right away is Broncos’ running back Javonte Williams. 

Williams has been an absolute beast when given the chances, but currently splits backfield touches with veteran Melvin Gordon. It is clear Williams will become the lead back of the Broncos nearing the end of the season, and with a run heavy offense, his value will sky rocket before we know it.

An awesome strategy for acquiring low-end but high upside running backs is by adding them into bigger trades where they hold almost no value. A great guy to pickup will always be Williams, but by his side are handcuff-style running backs all across the league.

Some of these guys include Chuba Hubbard, Alexander Mattison, Tony Pollard, and more. What makes them great handcuffs is their immediate value when the starting running back of the team is hurt.

Hubbard is a prime example for that so far this season, with Christian McCaffery out on injured reserve. Hubbard receives almost all of the backfield touches for his team, and the case would be the same for the others when given the chance. 

If you can get them as lower values in a trade, they will become great values in a hurry if the starter goes down.

Feature photo by Wade Payne/Associated Press

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