“Fall” in love with these new songs for the ultimate playlist

It’s that time of year again. The playlists of summer filled with upbeat, pop-filled sunshine beats give way to fall playlists of cool, laid back songs. 

Songs that fit the theme for fall should be time for reflection and contemplation. Catchy beats with lyrics that embody the colorful tones of the leaves are streamed through speakers. These six fall songs are the perfect combination of feels and heartbreak to have an amazing fall. 

Adele is the queen of taking the average girl participating in “hot girl summer” to transition into “sad girl autumn” in a snap. 

Her latest single “Easy on Me” promises that her upcoming album, 30, will be full of heart wrenching ballads and soulful songs full of broken hearts. 

“Easy on me” is about someone who tried to change themselves for a relationship and the adjustments they needed to take along the way. The gentle piano and Adele’s voice makes it the essential song to add to your playlist.

To lighten up the mood, Disney darling Bridget Mendler’s “The Fall song” can make you feel all the fall feels. 

This throwback song, while talking about catching feelings for a fall crush, incorporates common fall activities such as snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoying the cool air. 

If you want to be reminded of your childhood days or want to get yourself in the mood for finding someone to be your holi-date, this is the perfect song for you.

Don’t think that up and coming artist August Royals song, “Blue Football” is about cheering on your favorite sports team. This song is about falling into drug addiction and trying to pull yourself out before it’s too late. 

Royals’ smooth voice counteracts the dark lyrics, making it a great song. The beat is similar to the tone of Glass Animal’s song “Heat Waves,” one of the most popular songs of the summer, so swap that song for an upbeat, yet calmer song to your playlist. 

For those lazy autumn mornings, Ruel’s song “as long as you care” covers that. 

The 18-year-old songwriter talks about being on the road away from his love and that despite all of the “bright lights and red eyes” that he encounters, he will always care about his love. 

The simple guitar and drums allow Ruel’s vocals the spotlight. Whether lounging around in bed or driving down a leaf-covered road, this is a must-add song. 

With Halloween around the corner, instead of listening to songs about goblins and witches, listen to something really scary: the potential of being ghosted. Jeremy Zucker sings about having a past love try to come back into his life after he’s long moved on in his song “Ghosts.” 

This song, while sad in context, has an R&B vibe that makes driving around and belting the lyrics a blast. Fall is the time for reflection and growth, and this song captures that feeling, making it relatable to everyone. 

Bastille’s underrated gem “Things we lost in the fire” is the best way to wrap up your fall playlist. 

Popularly known for their song, “Pompeii”, this song shares the story of a couple who have fallen out of love, yet they equally contributed to the downfall. 

While the lyrics sound sad, the tempo is upbeat and dance-worthy. After all the slow sad songs listed, “Things we lost in the fire” brings the catchy upbeat feels back.

If you add these songs to your playlist, you are guaranteed to find new tunes that spark your feelings and get you dancing.

Header Photo: Adele released a new single “Easy on Me” featuring a soft piano. (Jordan Strauss/Associated Press)

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