MNSU Campus Security handles ‘Halloweekend’ behavior

Halloweekend has come to an end at Minnesota State University, Mankato, but it kept campus security officers busy writing up citations. 

Fifteen incident reports — ranging from underage consumption, criminal damage to property and even public urination — were filed between Friday and Sunday as students celebrated Halloween. 

Compared to last year’s Halloween weekend incident reports, this year was a bit more eventful. Last year’s Halloweekend took place during the height of COVID restrictions, so the increase was predictable.

Sandi Schnorenberg, the director of security who previously worked for the Mankato Department of Public Safety for 30 years, touched on how different this year is in reference to last. 

“We’re excited students are back. It was very quiet last year, and we were one of the departments that didn’t get to work from home. We still had to patrol the campus,” Schnorenberg said. “I’m glad everyone’s back, even if that means sometimes we have to deal with some of the negative incidents. Overall it’s been a great thing to have everyone on campus and creating the energy and light that the University is known for. So far everyone has been behaving fairly well and haven’t had too much of an influx of incidents.”

According to MNSU’s Daily Crime and Fire Log there were six underage consumption citations reported and one underage possession reported in both the residence dorms and various parking lots.

Regarding disorderly conduct there was one incident involving public urination reported in parking lot 1.

One incident of controlled substances and paraphernalia occured in parking lot 14, and two other miscellaneous incidents were reported in parking lots 2 and 16.

As for damage to school property there were three criminal damage to property incidents occurring in lot 20 and Armstrong Hall, and one non-criminal damage to property incident reported at the Taylor Center.

Campus security contacts Mankato police during certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is if someone is showing signs of extreme intoxication, isn’t complying with security or engaging in serious criminal activities. 

On a typical weekend, campus security has two to three squad cars patrolling campus, although they can have up to six.

Another thing that happens is, about once a week, Mankato police will send a list of all the 18- to 24-year-olds arrested over the weekend to campus security. With that information they are able to cross reference the names to see if any are MNSU students, which can result in consequences by the University.

Not only does security handle damage of property and underage drinking incident reports, but they also run the lost and found, respond to medical emergencies, and patrol parking lots.

They are one of the few departments on campus that are open 24 hours and seven days a week.

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