Is dating without the Internet possible?

Dating apps are growing in popularity. But are they any match for meeting the old fashioned way? Alexandra Tostrud, Minnesota State University, Mankato sophomore, met her current partner in person. She explains, “We went to high school together. We were in band all four years.” However, not all people have the luxury of running into their special someone at school. 

Tostrud shared that she didn’t think meeting in person or online would alter the relationship in any serious way and stated, “I would prefer to meet someone in person butI don’t think I would really care if I met them through a dating app.” 

MNSU freshman, Savannah Mosher, saw positives to both. She explained, “I feel like it’s more personal and real if it’s in person. You get to see all the characteristics about them instead of just what they portray.” 

However, she also noted that, “I feel like online is better for communicating what you feel because sometimes a person won’t tell you exactly what they’re feeling and will say what they think will make you like them more when you first meet them.” 

She met her current partner in person, but in the early stages of development talked a lot over social media and grew closer. She recognizes that there was a mix of in-person and online aspects, and appreciates the balance of the two. 

Ethan Mlejnek, MNSU freshman, has had a different experience though. As for dating apps, “It was really brief. I probably used it for about a week. It was pretty shallow. I think because it gives the person the option to objectify people a little bit. Yes or no right away and I don’t think it accurately represents how someone actually is personality wise.” 

Mlejnek also acknowledges that relationships where people meet online can work out.

“You could meet someone online and potentially hit it off,” he says. “In that case, I don’t think it would affect the relationship too much based on if they met online or not.”

Still, he explained why he would prefer meeting someone in person, “I think it allows for some chemistry to build up which makes it easier to get into the relationship. I feel like if you meet someone online it’s different. Like, if you meet up with them, you both know what you’re there for. It makes the chemistry a little bit different as opposed to meeting someone in person where you can develop a relationship with them beforehand and I think that can lead to possibly a better relationship.”

Header Photo: Dating without the use of dating apps or social media can be tricky but not impossible in today’s society. (Maddie Behrens/The Reporter)

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