Student Government looking to distribute feminine hygiene products across campus

When mother nature calls, women must answer. There’s no way around it. That’s why Student Government Senator Siene Haq proposed the distribution of free feminine hygiene products all throughout the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus.

Although such products are often available in the women’s bathrooms on campus, they aren’t free. According to Haq, women don’t always carry the cash needed to purchase the products they desire.

“This is a basic necessity for every girl on campus and not a luxury product,” she said.

Haq explained that her experiences as a woman opened her eyes to the reality that although every woman experiences menstruation, when that time of the month comes may be irregular and unpredictable. Women aren’t always prepared with a menstrual pad or tampon on hand, and having a friend at the ready with one isn’t always possible either.

“There is something known as period poverty and we can say that our campus does face it,” she said. “We do not have access to it ready, and that is not to say that women cannot afford it but access to it is difficult. There are times when women cannot go up to CVS or Walmart or Health Services to get these because they need them immediately.”

That’s why Haq believes in the importance of having them free and ready at every women’s bathroom on campus. 

Her idea isn’t a unique one. According to Haq other campuses in the state and even across the nation have already adopted similar plans. She did her research by using the other campuses as examples and found the necessary steps required to get the job done.

“This is a crucial issue as it requires funding and a budget,” she explained. “This is not a one-day job, and we will need to sit with different departments in order to be able to execute it well and make it possible. I, myself, am going to be meeting with the Women’s Center and Health Services in order to work something out in terms of budget.”

Other funding will come with further research and time, as Haq has yet to contact more sponsors for this project. She also hopes to get funding from student fees.

Haq also plans on communicating with surplus in order to figure out the distribution process and if getting more shelving and storage in the bathrooms for the products is possible. 

However, as far as internal support goes, Haq explained that the entirety of Student Government is in consensus with this project and supports her plan. With that said, it’s just a matter of time until it happens.

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