Students reflect on the class registration process

As the fall semester winds down, students at Minnesota State University, Mankato are beginning to register for their spring semester classes. Each student is given a designated time to begin this process, creating some problems as students are stressed about getting the right classes before time runs out. 

Shailee Nagel, a freshman nursing student, said she is concerned about registering for classes. 

“I am very worried about getting the classes I want,” Nagel said. “Actually, I am worried about getting the classes that I need. If I don’t get the classes that I need, that could put my whole progress off and make me have to stay here for longer and there would be nothing that I could do about it.”  

One concept Nagel pointed out is how the University could better help students when it comes to registering for classes.

“They could offer an earlier time slot, which is what everyone wants. Having more options and more sections for people would be helpful. It’s not like they would have to have more options upfront, but if it’s late November and there’s a class that’s already filled up it would be a great additional help for people,” she said.

“For example, micro biology is already half full and my time slot to register for classes is a while away. In that scenario they should look at adding another section. You also have to take some classes at a certain time in the year, so those types of things don’t go hand and hand and that’s just out of your control,” Nagel said. 

Nagel said she believes that more sections for classes should be added to help ensure students are able to take the classes they need in order to graduate.

“If there are a lot of classes that fill up they need to make more sections because some people need to take those classes. We are at college to graduate and get a job. It’s the college’s job to make it as smooth and easy as possible for us. Also not taking classes on time can make it hard to transfer to other schools,” she explained. 

“The classes that you’re taking freshmen and sophomore year are the classes that fill up the most because they’re the most gen ed. These classes are vital and if there are not enough of them then maybe the campus should be offering more options for people,” said Nagel. 

For senior Nadya Shier, taking the right classes is even more stressful. 

“Registering for classes is by credits. The more credits you have the sooner you get to apply for classes. It’s kind of like seniority. I think this is very important because the people that are closest to graduating should come first. I’m hoping to graduate soon and am happy that the school is making that a priority. 

Shier recommends that students who are confused about the registration process should get in contact with their academic advisor.

“One thing I would recommend to students wanting to graduate on time is that you don’t have to do it alone, talk to your adviser, they are always there to help you.”

Students can look up classes offered and their registration window by logging into their Eservices account.

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