How to balance the burnout this fall

Burnout can have damaging effects on students. From not turning in homework, to isolation, to skipping classes, it’s a struggle college students must learn to manage.

 Minnesota State University, Mankato junior Emily Egemo describes the feeling of burnout as, “being disappointed in yourself for not getting everything done, yet being too exhausted to push yourself into finishing all your work. It’s very frustrating. Some warning signs would be; being stressed out and frustrated constantly, staying up too late to get things done and losing sleep, not taking any time to take care of yourself. 

Burnout is experienced in multiple ways. MNSU sophomore Caleb Kaneakua explains that, “For me personally, burnout feels like sinking under a sea of work and pressure, both socially and academically amongst other things. I think that the biggest sign of burnout comes in the form of not doing work at all, even when you know you have a lot to do, because in my experience, the prospect of doing the work is exhausting in and of itself due to how much there is and how little time we’re usually given to do it, which doesn’t help when it begins to cut into time we could and should be taking for ourselves.”

Furthermore, MNSU sophomore Lindsay Cortesse shared, “I have been experiencing burnout this semester. It feels like my to-do list never ends and I wanna fly away from my responsibilities. warning signs for me are when I get bored with my work. I’m really interested in learning and school so when school work gets boring I’m burnt out.“

Burnout can also be caused by numerous stressors. Egemo explains that stress for her is caused by, “Classes, work, and paying bills. I cope by making sure I have some me time in my busy schedule, and talking to loved ones also helps a lot.” 

Jessie Proell, a sophomore at MNSU, says that in her case, “My main stresses are my grades and tests. I’m not a good test taker and it’s something I struggle at. I cope by trying to relax and remember that a test or grade doesn’t defy me.”

In order to tackle stress and avoid burnout, there are several activities someone can do. MNSU Junior Sarah Murphy shares, “I usually pursue my own personal hobbies when I feel burnt out. I draw or crochet or take a walk to get my mind off of things and then I start to feel refreshed.

In addition to calming activities at home, the MNSU offers solutions to students. The Relaxation Station on campus provides massage chairs, aromatherapy, and an audio visual relaxation system free of charge to students. 

Being able to recognize and manage these stressors are crucial to approaching finals week with a healthy mindset. 

Kaneakua is planning to tackle finals, “One at a time this year. Focus on what I can when I can, and if all else fails, at least I know I tried, even while I was under pressure.” 

As for Proell, “I’ll try to make sure I have a healthy amount of sleep this time and to remind myself to take breaks and treat myself.”

Header Photo: Burnout is very common, especially in college. Seek help and use the campuses resources to stay on top of things during finals. (File photo)

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