In-person graduation is necessary for students to feel acknowledged

Imagine this, after four years of countless nights studying for exams and thousands of dollars spent on textbooks and classes you are told you are not able to walk across the stage in-person for graduation to receive your diploma. Unfortunately that was the case for hundreds of graduates the past few semesters at Minnesota State University due to COVID-19.

Although reasons for not having an in-person graduation ceremony is justified due to this unpredictable pandemic, the importance of a graduation ceremony is crucial for students to feel recognized for their academic accomplishments.

With graduation being in-person again this is a time where graduates are able to celebrate with their peers. We as students deserve to be recognized for the years of hard work and persistence we put into our education.

After grueling hours and time put into making sure we meet all the credit requirements and internship hours, it’s only fair that students get an hour or two of recognition as we wave goodbye before stepping into the real world.

Graduation ceremonies mark a time in our life where we are most likely going to see our peers for one final time. Although reunions do exist, not all, if any, show up.

Being able to walk with pride across the stage is something that not only you but also your family and friends are able to celebrate. Even though most of them didn’t go through or see the ugly side of things such as those 3 a.m. study nights and buying every study app just to pass the class.

Although it can be argued that high school graduation is a bigger deal, with the extravagant grad parties and tons of cash, college graduation is something that not everyone can say they accomplished.

Is it known that the majority of students at least graduate high school, but college graduation is a huge deal as well. It shows you are furthering your education and should be treated as a very big achievement. 

Graduation is the closing sentence in the chapter of your college experience. Not only is college a time where you figure out what you’re passionate about in life, it also is where students are able to decide what is next for them. You can’t help but look back to freshman orientation and see how far you’ve come. 

It can be an overwhelming but fulfilling feeling seeing yourself transform from a high school graduate to a college graduate stepping into full adulthood. 

Having a graduation ceremony is essential as it acknowledges all the students who have been dedicated to their studies in order to complete their higher education requirements. 

We as students know from first hand experience all the struggles we’ve had to overcome for that “piece of paper”. So having a graduation ceremony that is in-person is a necessary and highly rewarding experience that all students who meet the requirements should be able to experience. 

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