Police seek publics’ help with vandal case

The Mankato Public Safety is currently looking for suspects involved in two separate incidents of vandalism in the Mankato area. 

According to a press release from the City of Mankato, the first incident occurred on Oct. 23 in the Highland Hills Apartment complex, with the vandals being caught on film. Two individuals wearing hoodies vandalized five different locations around the Highland Hills Apartment complex.

In a video recorded Oct. 23 two caucasian individuals — a male wearing a dark-colored hoodie, and a female wearing a light-colored hoodie — are seen outside a Highland Hills apartment. The male appears to be painting graffiti on a wall.

In another incident, vandals damaged property near Front and Cherry Streets in the downtown area. Police released photos of the suspects in the downtown vandalism. 

These suspects were described as both being white males and may be associated with a Subaru Forester vehicle. 

It is unclear whether the incidents are related. City officials ask anyone with information to call the Mankato Department of Public Safety at 507-387-8725.

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