Here’s how to destress before finals week

Here it comes- arguably the worst, most anxiety-inducing part of the semester for every college student: Finals Week. As the dreaded projects and exams roll up, it is crucial to every student’s mental and physical health to find ways and take time to relax during the tolling week ahead. 

One of the most beloved methods of relaxation by many students is the Hound Hugs and Kanine Kisses program that is orchestrated by the Centennial Student Union. On the Monday of finals week, The Volunteers with Alliance of Therapy Dogs brings some of their therapy dogs to the Hearth Lounge in the CSU for lunch and early evening stress relief sessions. After signing a waiver, students are able to spend some time petting and playing with the dogs that Volunteers with Alliance of Therapy Dogs brings.

Another resource available to MNSU students is the Relaxation Station, located in the Health Education office in Room 100 of Carkoski Commons. The Relaxation Station offers a full-body massage chair, which can be booked in 45 minute time slots. Additionally, the room features a personalized light and sound system, and aromatherapy diffuser to optimize relaxation. 

The Counseling Center offers a handful of resources for students experiencing stress and test anxiety as well. On Thursday, December 2 at noon, the Center is hosting a Zoom seminar on Overcoming Test Anxiety. The Zoom ID can be found on the Counseling Center’s website- no registration is required. Additionally, the Center’s website offers a multitude of presentations that can be accessed at any time, with topics like stress management, finding balance, and the role of exercise, sleep, and nutrition on mental health.

When it comes to personal tactics, MNSU students have a few different methods of staying on task so that they don’t get too stressed out.

MNSU Junior Jared Anderson noted that a way that he avoids stress is making sure he knows exactly when all of his tests are. “The finals week schedule is different, and very confusing. Usually your classes’ syllabi will have finals dates on them, but I always make sure to check the bigger finals schedule. Knowing that ahead of time makes life easier.”

Jonathan Mor, also a Junior at MNSU, stated that his preferred method of staying on top of things is “making lists. I make a list of everything due for each of my classes for the rest of the semester, just so I have something to refer to and a place to cross things off so that I feel accomplished.”

Finals can be an intimidating time, but with the right resources and tactics, it is easy to do your best. Just remember: you’ve got this.

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