Heatbox headlines first 2022 Serendipity Performance

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Serendipity Music Series is kicking off the new year with Heatbox, a beatboxing loop artist, singer and video game show host. The artist describes his music as sounding like a funky a-cappella group in outer space.

Aaron “Heatbox” Heaton has been surrounded by musical influence since he was young. He started singing in choir in fifth grade and played the tuba in the school band. Along the way, he dabbled in garage band drumming. Now, Heatbox considers himself to be pretty good at the tuba as well as other instruments.

“I’m a medium-bad keyboard player, a medium-bad drummer, a medium-bad bass player, and a medium-bad guitar player. I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades,” Heaton commented. 

According to MJG Productions, Heatbox’s discography includes two full-length studio albums, “Entertainment” and “System”. Included on “System” was the video game “Ninja Strike”, designed and programmed entirely by Heatbox himself. Following the “System” release in 2009, he co-produced two original music videos for the songs “Pizza Funk” and “Jack and Coke” alongside Boston video producer Spookie Daly. 

Following a long break due to the COVID pandemic, Heatbox is excited to share his music in-person again.

“I’m really proud of how long I’ve been performing. When I do really well on stage, that’s my favorite thing ever,” shared Heaton. “I’ve been doing it professionally and haven’t had another job for about 17 years. Just getting to do that and not having to go to another job is probably what I’d consider my biggest accomplishment. I’ve just been really lucky, honestly.”  

Behind the scenes, in addition to his music, Heatbox’s other projects include creating and producing a video game show that raises money for charity.  

According to MJG Productions, Heatbox is a one-man-entertainment-system, known for his innovative live performance and uniquely diverse set of creative gifts.

“If you want to see me do some free-styling, I usually end up doing some mediocre-bad, mediocre-flowing, and that’s a good time,” Heaton explained. “A lot of the time we call people up from the audience too, so it becomes a little chaotic and we find out what happens.” 

He encourages anyone and everyone to come to the concert. 

“Come see something weird. I bet what I’m gonna do with a microphone, especially with an audience, you might not have seen before, so come give it a try.” 

Heatbox will be performing Wednesday, Jan. 12 in the Centennial Student Union Hearth Lounge from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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