Student Goverment advocates for wellness center on campus

The Student Government passed a resolution at their meeting yesterday, indicating their support for the creation of a new Maverick Wellness Center. 

The center would function as a central hub for students who are facing crises such as food insecurity or homelessness. 

The resolution was motioned by Vice-President Kara Svercl, and seconded by President Reauna Stiff. 

The executive team has been working to address issues such as this since the beginning of their term, as their election included an entire platform dedicated to student basic needs at MSU. 

The resolution cites a study done in 2018 which showed that 64% of students at MSU have experienced some sort of food insecurity during college, as well as an increased amount of insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“What we are looking to do is consolidate the resources that we already have existing into one spot,” said Svercl, the author of the motion. 

Before it’s passing, there was some discussion by the senate, bringing up concerns over the specific functions of the wellness center. 

To address these concerns, the senate voted to amend the resolution, adding some specific functions that they would like to see performed, should the center get approval from administration. 

After the amendment, the Student Government voted to pass the resolution nearly unanimously, with one dissenting vote. 

With its passing, the resolution shows to University President Edward Inch that the Student Government and their constituents support the creation of such a center. 

The resolution will now go to the president for approval, and then subsequently up to the Board of Trustees. 

“Whenever we are looking at buildings, the board of trustees gets involved,” said Svercl, referring to the creation of a new space for the center. 

While this is the first step in the process for the Maverick Wellness Center, Svercl hopes to see results quickly. 

“We are hoping to have at least progress by at least summer,” said the vice-president, “our dream goal would be to have it open by fall, but we know that these things take a while.”

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