Try taking advantage of Hockey Day

Once in a lifetime Hockey Day Minnesota is in the city of Mankato planted right in our backyard as this week-long hockey event is being hosted at MSU’s Blakeslee Stadium. 

Being a student we should take full advantage of this opportunity as it is so close to home and something we might never see again. 

Especially if you are a hockey fan, this week is a hockey lover’s dream. Not only can you get front row seats to see Minnesota State University, Mankato Mavericks men and women teams take on St. Thomas, you also are able to witness the southern Minnesota celebrity game, and adult leagues. 

Even if you are not the biggest hockey fan, Hockey Day Minnesota is featuring live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings as well as having numerous vendors selling foods to keep fans warm.

Mini donuts, hot coffee and buffalo wings, are just a few of the warm food options to get fans through the cold winter night. 

Grooving to the beat of the live music is another thing other than just hockey that is available this week. Three bands will be performing which include Johnny Holm Band, IV Play and the Shane Martin Band. 

Besides the food and music, just being a part of a community and the feeling of being involved in something bigger than yourself is a feeling that doesn’t last forever. 

College is a great opportunity to get involved in clubs, sports, or discover new hobbies. Not only does it introduce you into a new environment, it also can teach you valuable people skills which you can use later in life. 

We as students should take full advantage of this since usually, students are only here for a couple of years. Having this temporary lifestyle being able to participate in fun weekly activities with your peers is a feeling that will not last forever. 

Not to mention the people you may meet just by simply going to events. Whether it be a sporting event, concert or attending a school club, you are bound to run into people with similar interests that could possibly become a friend. 

Most of the time people meet their best friends or significant other in college and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Having COVID-19 turn the world upside down also proved to us that it is now more realistic than ever for honestly anything to happen that might stop or limit all social events. 

Unfortunately, a lot of MSU students go home on the weekends, which is also when a lot of MSU events take place. Knowing you will not be a student forever is a feeling that unfortunately hits when you become an upperclassman. 

It is better to go and have an okay time than to regret never going and forever wonder what could’ve been. So take the opportunities as they come because you never know when you might get the chance again.

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