OASIS’s name changed but the goals to aid are still the same

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, formerly known as OASIS, continues to be a resource for students seeking guidance when it comes to navigating college. 

While being a resource for various inquiries, the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access aims to aid MSU students regarding academics, social events, or peer-to-peer connections.

“I wanna help domestic diverse students navigate college, whether it’s academic, financial or personal, so I’m helping to support them in all those areas as well as break down some of the barriers of the challenges they might face,” Director of Student Access, Rosalin Cobb, shared.

With the intention of being an information center that students can rely on no matter their questions, the office can assist with anything regarding academics to community involvement. 

“If you have a question just stop by, we will try to answer it for you or get you to the right place without you having to go around to other offices. Even if it isn’t related to school we can help, but the main services we assist with are academic guidance and campus community resources,” Cobb added.

The idea for a name change came last year with the intent for students to better understand what the office can offer.

“We wanted to get away from acronyms because a lot of students may not understand what OASIS really stood for. We wanted to change it to something students could relate to,” Director of Diversity Engagement & Initiatives Ben Thao, said.

Located right across from the Multicultural Center in the upper level of the Centennial Student Union, a lot of their services overlap with each other. Also to mention the International Center being down the hall from the two offices.

“We all work together whenever we can, whether a student needs help talking to a professor or just trying to find a sense of community and get more involved. They definitely can do that here at our centers,” Thao shared.

Overall the MCC and Multicultural Equity and Access serve the same population of students which consists of roughly 2,200 MSU students.

The Maverick Success Program is another asset to the Multicultural Equity and Access office as they provide assistance for students academically as well as help students keep up with their school work.

The MSP mentor program is also offered to first-year students that need extra help with making connections on campus or need a peer at MSU to talk to while going through college. All mentees are usually paired with an upperclassman meeting regularly.

Meeting students where they are, and connecting with them either virtually or in-person is a way the office is able to reach out and tell students about the services they offer. Mass email and text is a tool they utilize to spread the word.

Header photo: The Center for Multicultural Equity and Access is located in the upper level of the Centennial Student Union. This center aims to be a valuable resource for students at MSU by helping them navigate college. (Jenna Peterson/The Reporter)

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