New isolation guidelines announced

As of January 2022, Minnesota State University, Mankato’s new COVID-19 isolation guidelines now suggest only having to quarantine for five days after signs of a student’s first symptom. 

MSU’s Instagram page (msuhealthymaverick) posted a week ago that if all three conditions ring true then students may resume normal, but slightly limited, activities on day six.

The three conditions state: 1. If it has been five days since a student first felt sick (day zero being the day symptoms started), 2. The student has no fever or their temperature is below 100.4 for at least 24 hours without the use of medication, 3. The student feels better and their symptoms, such as a cough or shortness of breath, have decreased then they may resume most activities on day six. 

The post then continues to voice that if a student still feels sick after the five days they should continue to stay home until all three conditions are true. 

The post also states that a negative COVID test is not needed to return to work or school. Although, if a student is asymptomatic and tests positive for COVID they should still stay home and away from others for five days (day zero is the day they got tested). 

If a student later develops symptoms after their positive test comes back, then day zero is the day their symptoms started. 

After the five days are up, MSU recommends the student continue to take initiatives for another five days to contain the spread such as wearing a well-fitted mask even at home, staying away from others who are at risk or may get severely sick from the COVID-19 virus, and avoiding unnecessary traveling. 

For any questions regarding COVID-19, contact the Student Health Services COVID Healthcare Hotline at 507-389-5591.

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