Rex Orange County makes a comeback with “KEEP IT UP”

British singer and songwriter Alex O’Connor, famously known as Rex Orange County, has finally made his musical reappearance with his new song “KEEP IT UP”, along with the music video for the song. With the new content being released yesterday fans, such as myself, are thrilled to see what the new Rex era will look like.

The singer’s return comes after two years of silence when his album “Pony” dropped back in October of 2019. Following the album release, Rex was in the middle of his North America tour when it came to a sudden stop due to COVID-19. Since then, Rex has been back and forth with his social media presence, with his eight-month Instagram absence being broken to promote the new song.

“KEEP IT UP” is a song that seems to focus on the idea of healing one’s emotions following a traumatic relationship. This relationship could have been with a friend, a lover or even a toxic relationship with oneself.  

In the first verse, there are lines such as “Every time I open my mouth, I have regrets in my mind” and “It’s making me feel so depressed” that show Rex’s emotions of feeling emotionally drained from the past relationship(s) he has endured.

Leading into the chorus, Rex says “You no longer owe the strangers”, telling listeners that they need to live their lives for themselves and that they don’t owe a perfect life to anyone. He has also come to this realization himself that he shouldn’t let other people influence the way he lives his life.

In the chorus, Rex is encouraging himself and others that they need to “Keep it up and go on” with the paths they choose to create for themself. It also feels like a reassurance that if you choose to go on, it will be worth all the frustrations you have experienced.

Continuing throughout the song, Rex has lines in the verses that show he has struggled being in places both mentally and physically, but despite these setbacks he gives himself the confidence that he is worth being there. 

Based on this song, I believe this new era Rex is entering will be far different than the ones of the past. This era will be one of acceptance and healing. It seems that Rex is recognizing the challenges he has faced in the past and after the mourning comes the rebuilding of his confidence and happiness. 

If this is the direction the rest of the new album will go on, I’m enthusiastic to go on this healing journey with Rex. This album comes at a time where I am also going through a healing journey, and this will be nice to have right at my side.

The new album titled “Who Cares?” will feature “KEEP IT UP” along with 10 other songs, with one of those featuring Tyler, the Creator, whom Rex has recorded songs with before. “Who Cares?” will be released on March 11.

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