Students have fun night of free tubing at Mt. Kato

This past Saturday, Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Events Team hosted a free tubing event for students at Mt. Kato from 7-11 p.m.

MSU senior Sophia O’Neal was looking forward to the event and was anticipating being with her friends. 

“I haven’t gone up [the hill] yet, but I’m excited,” said O’Neal. “I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends and going down the hill.” 

Something the students love to do while tubing is making chains. Making chains refers to swapping the handles of your tube with a friend so that you two stay connected as you go down the slope. Mt. Kato allows chains of two.

MSU senior, Kristalyn Fishler, went to the event for the first time and was one of many who participated in making chains with her friends.

“I’ve wanted to go [tubing] in the past but never did,” said Fishler. “I think it’s a good way to get outside in the winter.”

MSU senior Allison Squires was also attending the event for the first time. Squires was excited to attend after not being able to attend in the past. 

“Honestly, I’ve actually known about this for years. Every year I was in the National Guard, so I’d hear about it but never could go,” said Squires. “I always thought the event was cool because it’s free and it’s a good couple hours.” 

Squires enjoyed Mt. Kato, saying the tubing hills were good for the surrounding area compared to other hills she’s sled down.

“I know some of the [hills] in the cities aren’t as big as some of these. At Buck Hill, there’s more rows to them but they’re really scary,” said Squires. “Sometimes when you’re going really fast, I’ve seen people go over to the next row.”  

Mt. Kato has four lanes for tubes to go down and a conveyor belt to the top of the hill. Participants prepared by wearing warm clothes while tubing and waiting in line.

“Snow pants [are] the biggest thing,” said Squires.  ““My fiancé and I are both wearing gear from Hockey Day.” 

The Student’s Events Team also served hot chocolate to students waiting in the cold, but it was gone before the event was half over.  

While the event may be over this year, there’s always next winter to look forward to. Both O’Neal and Squires encourage students to go next year if they are able. 

“Considering that it’s free, it’s very well planned out and pretty fluid. I know a lot of free events can be kind of half-hazard or you can be waiting for hours, but this is streamline and not that busy,” said Squires.

“I think free student events are super fun and an easy way to get incorporated into campus,” said O’Neal. “Just giggling with your friends is fun.”

Header Photo: Students went out to Mt. Kato to enjoy a free night of tubing with their friends. (Courtesy Photo)

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