Sweet and inexpensive Valentine’s Date ideas

Valentine’s Day can be almost as intimidating as a first date with someone new. The pressure is on to create the perfect date for you and your significant other. 

While scrambling to schedule the day from start-to-finish, the idea of money is tossed aside just to make the other happy. Instead of breaking the bank this year, try one of these cheap date ideas to still have fun. 

Instead of going out to dinner, why not try to make a gourmet meal at home? For those making last minute plans, reservations fill up weeks in advance and the chances of finding a restaurant with a table available is nearly impossible. 

Look up how to make one of your favorite meals online and see if you can make it better than the restaurant. Set the table with a formal place setting and dim the lights to set the mood. Whether you decide to dress up or dress down, having a memorable dinner at home is a great way to spend the night without spending too much. 

Another popular Valentine’s Day date idea is an at home movie night. Watching a movie at home is a thousand times more comfy than going to the theater. Snuggle up under a blanket and pick from hundreds of movies on a variety of streaming services. 

Rather than watch a sappy rom-com, why not watch a thriller or comedy? You can also set up your own concession stand on your coffee table, complete with plenty of salty and sweet snacks. 

Thinking about planning the right date can be stressful. Release some of those tensions with a spa night. Put on some soothing music, get into some fluffy robes and slippers and turn off your phone’s notifications. 

Complete the spa night with some face masks at the store for a couple dollars. Take a nice, steamy shower and use some soothing lotion for maximum comfort. At the end of the night, both of you and your date should feel very relaxed. 

If you’re looking to plan a date for during the day rather than at night, there’s still some options for you. Walking around local shops downtown Mankato is a great way to see what each other’s interests are and to explore the surrounding area. You could even buy a little keepsake to remember the day by.

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that ice skating is off the table. Most ice skating arenas allow you to rent ice skates for quite cheap. Whether indoors or outdoors, this is the perfect opportunity to “break the ice,” especially if it’s a first date since hand-holding is inevitable at some point. 

The All Seasons Arena in Mankato offers free skate hours for those who are looking to spend the afternoon skating. Afterwards, you can head to a local coffee shop and grab some hot chocolate or coffee and recount all of your hilarious fails throughout the day. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as long as you and your significant other are happy, then it’s perfect either way.

Header Photo: Spending money on Valentine’s Day is a major stressor for couples on Valentine’s Day. Grabbing coffee at a local coffee shop and spending the day downtown is a great way to spend the day without spending too much money. (Maddie Behrens/The Reporter)

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