Why being single on Valentines Day is better

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, all of the single people roll their eyes at all of the over-the-top cheesy hearts and dramatized love situations. All they hear is that they will never find love and that they will die alone. 

However, what people fail to realize is that Valentine’s Day is a missed opportunity for singles. Media has pushed the sadness on those who haven’t found anyone, when in actuality, Valentine’s Day is a source of reassurance in multiple aspects.

First off, you should be making plans without having to worry about last minute complications. No need to overthink about your date working late and missing your dinner reservation. You don’t have to worry about the store being sold out of the peach colored roses that your date has to have otherwise her delicate allergies act up. The stress of having to dress up and look perfect disappears. There’s no stress to be seen.

One of the biggest forms of stress relief to be found is you don’t have to worry about your significant other cheating on you. Yes, it’s the day of love, but there will always be some deep underlying anxiety coursing through you that you might just be “the other one” in their life. When they head to the bathroom, you won’t be sitting, eating bread wondering if they are texting their side chick some excuse to meet up later in the night. You can be zoned out on the couch with nothing but elevator music in your head. 

If you can’t find someone to spoil you on Valentine’s Day, why don’t you spoil yourself? Those who are in relationships have to worry about getting the perfect gift otherwise they’ll be dumped just like those imported chocolates they spent $300 on. There’s also the stress of feeling that they didn’t get enough for their partner. If you are single, you can drop as much money as you want on yourself. Money can’t buy you a relationship, but it can buy you material possessions to fill the void of sadness, so splurge on whatever makes you happy. 

The best of all on Valentine’s Day is being able to mock all of the couples. Gag at all the PDA in public. Walk by a couple and say “You guys lasted longer than I thought.”  Get into all the couples’ heads and fill them with anxieties. By acting as an absolute menace to society, you get to tell them that being single is better than any dumb love story.

So what if Cupid’s arrow has missed you once or a million times? I mean, who needs to be held and comforted? There’s nothing I want to do more than listen to my sad playlist, eat ice cream and cry. And unless you want to turn in your simp application, I’ll be waiting in the Walgreens parking lot until midnight when chocolate becomes 50% off. 

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