Grocery Bingo hosted by Student Events Team

Trivia question No. 1: What event did the Student Events Team post this past Friday? 

Bingo and trivia, of course.

Bingo and Trivia night was planned by Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Events Team Vice President Madeline Berndt and Special Events Chair Ryan Leistikow. They themed this round of hybrid bingo as “supermarket sweepstakes.” Leistikow explained the idea behind the theme. 

“Have you ever seen Supermarket Sweep? We’ve taken a lot of ideas from there, put our own student events twist on it, and a less professional budget twist, and we made it work,” said Leistikow. “Our online Bingo series is something we’re really proud of.” 

The bingo series started during the COVID-19 pandemic as it was a way students could interact virtually. With returns to campus, the Students Events Team made it a hybrid event so that all students could participate.

“We’re obviously incorporating people in the audience, and then we’re incorporating people online, but also it really appeals to both on campus and off campus. If off campus people don’t want to drive to play Bingo, they can just join over Zoom,” said Leistikow. “It’s a great way to incorporate everyone.” 

The event was hosted in Ostrander Auditorium, and despite the event being hosted both in-person and online, the team had no trouble filling the auditorium with participants. 

“Ostrander was packed, so that was a lot of fun and really cool to see. Normally [the events] are very popular,” said Leistikow. “It just really appeals to the audience.” 

Saumyd Gaudam, a sophomore and Preska Community Advisor, has made a habit of turning the bingo series into group hangouts for her hall. 

“They’re really fun, and I like the prizes. Even if I don’t win, there’s excitement,” said Gaudam. “I love seeing other people win too.” 

Leistikow provided an overview of the haul from the night which included a variety of kitchen appliances and groceries.

“We have some air fryers, pots and pans and cookware sets,” said Leistikow. “For groceries, we have pasta dinners, pizza kits and a bunch of other stuff like that.” 

Between rounds of bingo, students who were struggling to win prizes were able to participate in minigames and answer trivia questions. Leistikow explained that the trivia for the night was, all supermarket themed. If students missed out on the most recent round of bingo and trivia, Leistikow welcomes anyone to attend the next one. 

“We’re going to do a couple more this semester and I hope you can make it,” Leistikow shared.

Gaudam recommends students to attend any Student Events Team event they can. 

“The Students Events Team organizes great events and they’re always a fun time. If you’re on campus and you don’t really go out a lot, it’s a good way to hang out with your friends,” said Gaudam.

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