Students United and fee presentations at Student Government

The 89th Student Government of Minnesota State University, Mankato met last night with a presentation by Students United as well as the first round of fee allocations presentations. 

Students United State Chair Emma Zellmer, Vice Chair Arnavee Maltare, and Treasurer Pierre Young spoke to the senators on the functions of the non-profit organization. 

Students United is recognized by the Minnesota State System as the official representation of students that attend any of the schools within the system. 

During their presentation, Zellmer asked the senators to fill out a survey regarding the Students United budget and how it is spent. 

Young spoke to the senators about the program priorities as well as gave a mid-year advocacy update. He mentioned several areas in which they are advocating, including COVID-19 advocacy, International Student Healthcare, and sustainability. 

The leaders also presented their legislative agenda, which included supporting the Minnesota State Capital investment program, doubling the pell grant, and increasing funding for Open Educational Resources. 

There were three fee presentations from Student Health Services, the dome, and outdoor facilities. 

Student Health Services is responsible for an on-campus medical clinic, pharmacy and health education on campus and is located in Carkoski. 

During their presentation, Student Health Services spoke to their goals of expanding telepsychiatry initiative, support mental health initiatives, as well as adapt to the changing needs from the pandemic. 

Student Health fee requested to receive a 10 cent increase, the first increase in the fee since 2018. This comes after a projected decrease in credit hours, which directly affects the funding of the health services. 

Next, Sam Steiger spoke about both the campus recreation facility and the dome fee. 

For the facility fee, Steiger spoke to the senate about how this fee funds the outdoor recreational fields and their upkeep. This fee works to pay off the debt of the renovations to the facilities, as well as pay for various maintenance costs. 

Steiger then spoke to the dome fee. In 2018, a referendum was passed by the student body to add a new fee for students to pay for the Seasonal Sports Dome. The dome will be paid for over the next 10 years at a fee of 83 cents per credit banded at 12-18 credits. 

In upcoming weeks, there will be continued presentations from different fees, including the Student Activities fee.

State Chair Emma Zellmer (Center), Vice Chair Arnavee Maltare (Right) and Treasurer Pierre Young (Left) address the MSU Student Government about opportunities with Students United. (Julia Barton/The Reporter)

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