Women’s Center to host Paint by Number event

For three days, March 21-23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Minnesota State University, Mankato students will have an opportunity to participate in a paint-by-number event. This event, celebrating Women’s History Month, is being hosted by the MSU Student Events Team and Women’s Center in the Centennial Student Union Hearth Lounge.

SET Educational Entertainment member Atlas James explained how the event is a creative way to highlight important women in history.

“We got a bunch of different paint-by-numbers and these kits all have the paint and everything with them. They are for Women’s History Month and there’s different women of history,” said James.

There will be 11 different portraits of famous women in history for students to choose from, and each kit is free. Some of the portraits will include First Lady Michelle Obama, artist Frida Kahlo and activist Malala Yousafzai.

James explained how the Student Events Team reached out to the Women’s Center for the event to take place. 

“Bill Tourville correlated with the Women’s Center [for this event] and we all got promotional emails involving the paint-by-numbers. We thought it was a cool idea, and so the Women’s Center worked with us to make it possible,” shared James. “We’ll all be working together to make sure that it goes well and that these people are properly represented for this month.” 

Women’s History Month was recognized as a national celebration in 1987. The month is designed to spotlight women that have made monumental contributions to society. Having the opportunity for students to learn about these important women during Women’s History Month means a lot to James.

“As a transgendered male, I was born female and that’s something that’s empowering of course to me, because that is a part of me that will never go away. And alongside that, these people are minorities that deserve to have their voices heard,” shared James. “These influential people have shaped my life as I’ve grown up. Learning about these influential women is very important because they’ve changed the world around me as I’ve grown as a person, despite anything.”

There will be educational posters depicting why each of the 11 women are influential. It will allow students to enjoy crafts with a purpose, and perhaps learn something new. James encourages students to attend the event to take a break from classes and homework.

“Things are getting stressful and this is just a simple little craft you can do where you get to keep your painting as well,” said James. “It’s something that you can put in your dorm room, your apartment, anywhere that you are, to remind you of these women that are powerful and strong and confident. That’s inspirational within itself.”

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