Spring is here, time to defrost

With daylight savings allowing us to spring forward, the sun is out and the snow is melting and so is the feeling of the winter blues. When it gets higher than 50 degrees outside, you know it’s time for the coats to come off and the sandals to be put on. After months walking cautiously on ice in frigid temperatures, the first nice day is a sign that the sweet iconic Minnesota summer season we all savor is right around the corner. 

The days are starting to get longer with the sun setting after 5 p.m. The longer the sun is in the air it allows students to get out on campus and enjoy a bit of the fresh air before getting back to their schooling. Light sweatshirts are worn, a perfect tell-tale sign that endless bonfire nights are soon upon us. The ice starts thinning out on lakes, promising days spent on the lake with friends.

Just because days of rest and relaxation are upon us doesn’t mean that we have to get ready to chill. If you don’t like the idea of spring cleaning, when you go to clean out your cluttered car and messy junk drawers full of objects you’ve collected throughout the winter season, consider it to be a fresh start to the new season.

It may seem like a hassle to dust every piece of furniture when you can open your windows once again, but remember about how much you missed being able to have the windows open flooding without freezing to death in the middle of winter. 

When spring arrives, people look for more ways to get outside. The sidewalks are filled with people running or walking, making the outdoors their gym. There’s something about exercising outside that feels more meaningful than continuously walking in the same spot on a squeaking treadmill. 

On the weekends, they gravitate towards farmer’s markets to get fresh fruit and vegetables, ready to prepare the sweet taste of light yet tasty dishes. People break out the outdoor furniture, enjoying talks of their summer plans. 

Most can’t help but feel happy when spring gets closer due to all the happy tell-tale signs. Flowers start peaking out of the ground and filling up yards with bright pastels. Easter brings the arrival of cute baby animals and Easter baskets filled with chocolates.

Overall spring is a season of new beginnings and we as students should take full advantage of the weather, at least until the last unexpected snowfall comes once more.

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