Student Government hears three fee presentations

Three departments that are partially funded by student fees presented their recommendation to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Government yesterday. 

These fees included the Intercollegiate Athletics Fee, which asked for a 5.25% increase, the Student Union Fee, which asked for a 3.8% decrease, and the Technology Fee, which asked for no increase or decrease.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee partially funds athletic programming and is capped at $4.58 per credit hour, or $55 per semester. Currently, the fee is $4 per credit hour. 

Jackson Hauge and Anna Cihak, both student athletes at MSU, presented a recommendation of a 5.25% increase, resulting in a $0.21 increase per credit hour. 

This increase was requested, citing the importance of athletics at MSU, as well as a decrease in enrollment and subsequent loss of income from fees.

“Athletics serve as the window to the University,” said Hauge, noting national championships won recently from women’s track and field as well as from the wrestling program. 

This increase would require the student body to go to referendum, which would be voted on during the Student Government general election. 

The next up was the Student Union Fee, which was presented by MSU students Zahara Osman and Emma Gabbert. 

Due to a large, 20 year bond being paid off this year, there was a significant decrease in need when it comes to fee funding from the student body. 

Despite a significant increase in student payroll, with student hourly wages increasing on campus due to the debt, the Student Union presented to have their fee decreased by 3.8%. 

Lastly, Mark Schneider represented IT Solutions during the Technology Fee presentation. 

Similar to the aforementioned fees, IT Solutions is funded partially by a fee paid by students, as well as other revenue sources, including the general fund, computer store revenue, and infrastructure funding from the MinnState system. 

Schnieder recommended no increase or decrease to the fee, leaving the cost at $11.50 per credit hour. Although remaining flat this year, IT Solutions stated they will most likely ask for an increase next year, citing FlexSync upgrades, ESports facility expansions, and network updates. 

The Student Government will be voting to recommend or amend these fees in the coming weeks. Should they pass a recommendation, it will be passed to administration for approval. 

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