Let us push through the last few weeks, shall we

It’s hard to believe that there are only four weeks remaining in the school year. While we may be in the home stretch, there are still plenty of assignments to be done. A lot of students, especially seniors, start hitting their slump at this time of year. It’s important to keep your work ethic strong and to finish the school year out strong.

It’s been said a few times, but utilize the abundance of resources that are offered to you. Make sure to check in with your advisors around this time of year, especially if you will be returning to campus in the fall. They can help you pick classes that you need to take and keep you on the right path for graduating on time. If you are struggling in any classes, reach out to your professors. They want to help you succeed in any way they can. It can sound a bit intimidating, but it’s easier to ask for help than having to retake a class because you didn’t reach out for help.

It can be hard to pay attention to work when you’ve been cooped up all winter. If you find yourself struggling to focus with the nice weather (or the Minnesota days when it’s above 50 degrees), change your surrounding scenery. Find a place outside, on or off-campus, and study there for a few hours. 

Just because midterms are over, it doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t take time for themselves. College students are expected to spend two to three hours studying for each hour they are in class, and for those with a heavy class load, it can be overkill. If you find that you are overworking yourself through school and a job, you won’t be able to mentally recharge to prepare yourself for the next week. If you can’t waste an entire day taking time for yourself, dedicate a few hours doing activities you enjoy, even if this means you sleep in a couple of extra hours. Treat yourself to balancing all of these tasks that you’ve accomplished 

Going with taking time for yourself, get involved on campus. Attend events on campus and show off your school spirit. Attend meetings of a couple of clubs that pique your interest. If you find a passion through the club, it can be something to look forward to during the summer months. You can make some of the best memories that can be made when you aren’t holed up in your dorm room or apartment. 

We’ve made it this far through the school year, and if we can keep pushing through, the weeks will fly by in a flash. I know that it seems like summer will never come, but the sooner we can push through the long days and late nights of studying, it will make us appreciate our summer a thousand times more. 

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