One Heel of a Show: Maverick Drag Show dazzles audience

The “Drag Me With a Spoon” podcast, the LGBT Center, and the Student Events Team drew quite the crowd at the Maverick Drag Show at Minnesota State University, Mankato this past Saturday. The Maverick Drag Show royalty had both kings and queens taking the stage, proudly representing diversity on campus and in the community.

For some students, this was the first drag show they had ever attended. Queens Wanda Gag and Miss Avo Cado were the hosts of the evening and made sure to encourage and welcome newcomers. Wanda Gag explained drag as an expression of gender while Miss Avo Cado explained that drag is like putting on a persona.

“Imagine Hannah Montana; you throw on the wig, you get to go out and perform and have a good time, and then take it off and no one knows who you are. It’s a very cool performance,” shared Gag. 

“For some people, it’s an ultimate fantasy of what you admire and what you like, perhaps about gender or perhaps a character,” shared Cado.

Although commonly thought of as a man dressing as a woman, drag has evolved to be more than that. In order to make this show special, Wanda Gag explained that at the end of the night a group number would be performed to show that anyone can participate in drag.

“All the performers plus some of our students from our drag academy that we had this last week [will be onstage],” said Gag. “Anyone can do drag as long as you’re doing it respectfully and with love.” 

Miss Avo Cado echoed the growth of drag and how the drag scene has grown in Mankato. 

“A favorite drag memory is definitely going to our earlier shows and seeing the huge reception of drag here in Mankato. We kind of were worried that they wouldn’t be ready for it here, but people just love drag,” said Cado. 

MSU sophomore Tabitha Bergstrom was one of many who attended the event. While having fun, Bergstrom thought the representation of everyone was considerable. 

“It’s great to see everybody here and I’m glad that there was a big crowd today. I’m just having a phenomenal time,” shared Bergstrom. “Drag’s not an uncommon thing anymore, so I think it’s really important that they’re having it to pay more attention to their LGBTQ students and center.” 

MSU sophomore Eric Goulson showed enthusiasm at the return of the event post-Covid.

“They have such a good lineup and I’m just taken away. I’m really excited for them to do this again, because it’s been a while,” shared Goulson. “It’s been too long.” 

Goulson struggled to pick a favorite performer of the evening as they all did great in their individual aspects, but eventually decided on two.

“Scarlet Rose is one of my really good friends, and I’m so excited to see her perform. But, second is Ty Torres, because he’s killing it. Drag King’s need to [be] appreciated more. They do such a good job,” shared Goulson. “It’s really hard to say who’s one amazing queen because they’re all killing it.”

Whether students have been before or never attended one, Goulson encouraged students to attend next year’s drag show to experience the fun.

“If you haven’t gone to a drag show, and you’ve ever even considered, come,” shared Goulson. “Bring some one, bring a couple friends, and prepare to scream a lot.”

Header Photo: The “Drag Me With a Spoon” podcast, LBGT Center and the Student Events Team hosted a Maverick Drag Show last Saturday. Over nine drag royalty performers took to the stage and wowed the audience with thrilling performances. (Emily Lansman/The Reporter)

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