Students needed more information on the bomb threat

After the bomb threat that occurred last Friday, it’s safe to say that students felt a wide variety of emotions, namely feeling worried about their own safety. While no one should have to encounter a bomb threat, preparations for situations like this need to be safely tucked away should they occur. Despite the two buildings being shut down for investigations, classes went as planned and student life in other buildings continued. 

The university did a great job in regards to maintaining the security of the campus by thoroughly investigating the two targeted buildings. Closing the two buildings for the day was a smart move in making sure that students and faculty remained safe. However, the communication involving the threat seemed to be vague. 

While all students were aware that a bomb threat was present on campus, students were left questioning why only two of the buildings were shut down. The origins of the threat and the degree of severity was left out of emails and text messages sent out to students and faculty. 

The threat was obviously viable enough to shut down the two buildings, but how was it determined that only those buildings were in danger? If the threat was serious, the majority of campus still remained open, making it dangerous for everyone on campus. Students were left not knowing if the threat truly was just in those buildings, or if it extended to further locations on campus. 

It should be of utmost importance for the University to stay transparent when it comes to the security of the campus. It remains unseen as to why law enforcement and security were on the scene at near midnight, but the email locking down the buildings was not sent out until 5 a.m.

The university left out if the threat was only confined to those two buildings. The buildings that were targeted were most likely included in the threat, but students were left hanging, not knowing if their classes in Morris or Nelson Hall were also in danger. 

Whether this was an extreme April Fools joke or an actual threat, this is a situation that is not to be taken lightly, as if the event was real, the aftermath would have been serious. 

At the end of the day, students were scared and weren’t, and still are not adequately informed on the degree of severity of their safety during this time.

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