Maverick fans gear up for the Frozen Four tournament

For the second year in a row, and the second time in school history, the Minnesota State University, Mankato men’s hockey team will be battling for the championship in the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament. 

MSU students and organizations are planning the best ways to watch the game and show their Maverick pride. The Herd, MSU’s student section, has planned a watch party in the Centennial Student Union Bullpen for hockey fans on campus.

The Herd President Lauren Letnes and Vice President Jagger Cossette discussed how they wanted to give students the opportunity to watch the big game in an accessible area.

“With our new leadership we’ve been focusing on recruitment and building our membership, so we really wanted to do a watchparty that was pretty easy for a lot of students to access,” Letnes explained. “We decided that doing that on campus was the best option for us so there was no need for transportation for a lot of the students. The Bullpen is the atmosphere that we’re looking for in terms of a sports bar without the bar part of it.”

Anyone is welcome to join The Herd in The Bullpen to watch tonight’s game, as the group is looking to fill the area with Maverick fans. 

The Herd is also preparing plans for Saturday’s championship game if the Mavericks advance.

“I know the athletics department was talking about something similar to the Buffalo Wild Wings again. Obviously it’s not as accessible to a lot of people, but it can hold a bigger area so that might be something we’re considering as well,” Letnes stated.

Jagger added that The Bullpen is another likely possibility for Saturday’s watch party, as it’s the most accessible option for students. 

Tonight’s game will also be playing in the Ostrander Auditorium, following the Greek Week Lip Sync.

While many will be watching the game on the screens, some enthusiastic Maverick fans will be in Boston for the weekend, including MSU senior Sydney Randel.

“Growing up, my family and I have been a hockey family,” Randel explained. “I’ve always been a fan of the Mavericks, so when I started attending the school I obviously followed them and got season tickets and everything.”

Randel and her family are taking advantage of the Frozen Four opportunity this year to represent their Maverick pride in Boston, as last year wasn’t ideal.

“I really wanted to go [to the Frozen Four] last year, but because of COVID that wasn’t an option. When given the opportunity to make it there, it’s like our family trip to go do that. It was my love for the Mavericks and my love for hockey and going with my family, it’s kind of the big reason for going to Boston,” Randel stated.

No matter what happens in tonight’s game, Randel and her family will be at the rink 

“Be[ing] able to watch that level of play is cool in the first place, so regardless if they[the Mavericks] win or not we’ll still stay and watch the other games and see how that plays out.”

The Mavericks are set to play against the University of Minnesota Gophers tonight with the puck dropping tonight at 7:30 p.m. CT.

Header Photo: Minnesota State forward Brandon Furry forward and the Mavericks arrived in Boston for the Frozen Four Tuesday evening. The Mavs will face Minnesota Thursday at TD Garden. (Mansoor Ahmad/The Reporter)

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