MSU vibes with Verdes at spring concert

Tai Verdes performed at the spring concert last night for Minnesota State University, Mankato. Over the pandemic, Verdes’ music blew up and brought him the opportunity to tour his music starting late last month through September.  

MSU Junior Mikayla Witter has been a fan of Verdes’ music for a while after she found him on TikTok. 

“I actually listened to his music before he got really big,” said Witter. “Then, I heard that he was coming here, and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, I have to see him.’” 

Verdes’ music mixes influence from R&B, indie and hip-hop.. MSU Senior Krystalyn Thimsen described his music as relatable. Thimsen was looking forward to having a great time with friends.

“I think he’s a very positive influence. Even if some of his songs are about drugs, he’s still very positive with everything else,” shared Thimsen. “[I can’t wait] to hear the crowd sing his music back to him.” 

Thimsen was also hoping to hear her favorite song, Drugs.

“It’s catchy and it’s something you can sing your heart out too,” said Thimsen.

Witter’s favorite song is “A-O-K.” With the concert, she was most looking forward to live music again.

“I haven’t been to a concert since COVID started, so I’m excited to be in this vibe and energy again,” said Witter. “I think it’s really authentic and you can feel every beat and moment. I enjoy that.” 

Although Verdes got his start on TikTok, Witter said it didn’t impact the way that she viewed his music. 

“I think it was another way for him to get his music out onto a different platform,” shared Witter. “It was a good way on his part to network to people who are on Tik Tok.” 

Verdes’ popularity seemed to have grown with reason. MSU freshman Jenna Moseng attended the concert and described Verdes’ performance style as carefree.

“He makes sure to put a lot of thought and meaning behind his songs and I think they’re just fun to sing along with,” shared Moseng. “I love how he speaks so honestly with the crowd as well.” 

Verdes shows compassion and humanity to his audience. Becca Ward, an MSU freshman witnessed a fan pass out in the crowd and noticed that Verdes stopped performing.

“There’s some artists who don’t stop when people faint in the crowd, but he did,” said Ward.

Ward said she was surprisingly pleased with the opener for the concert, Irie Minds. 

“I think the opening act – how they were all Mankato alumni – I think that was pretty cool,” shared Ward.

While Moseng didn’t know a lot about Verdes’ music before the concert, she had a blast at the concert.

“The time went by so quickly and he was such a vibe of the crowd, [specifically him] constantly talking to us and getting involved with the crowd,” shared Moseng. “It was so much fun interacting with him.” 

Overall, Ward had a lot of fun at the concert. 

“I thought it was very energetic and he knew how to get the crowd going,” said Ward.

Header Photo: TikTok star Tai Verdes performed at the Bresnan Arena. The singer played laidback songs off of his debut album “TV.” (Maddie Behrens/The Reporter)

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