MSU Theatre debuts “The Wolves” as final show of the year

Minnesota State University, Mankato’s theatre department is proud to be showing their final production of the year, “The Wolves.” The play focuses on a high school girl’s soccer team through their weekly Saturday morning warm-ups. The girls navigate big questions and small battles through their adolescent eyes.

Senior Hannah Sayler plays one of the soccer girls in the production. Sayler explained the play is not only about teamwork, but also about growing up and friendship. Sayler was drawn to the production by how realistic the show is.

“I saw this play a few years ago, and it’s been on my bucket list of shows because it’s so real. It feels like something that you’ve lived,” said Sayler. “For most of us in college, it’s less than four years out of high school. I think it’s an escape, but it’s also a good reflection for people.” 

This show, for many of the cast members, is their last show at MSU. For Sayler, this is her final production. 

“I think it’s gotten us more excited. It’s very easy to bond as a group just by the nature of the show, but I think that having so much of us be the same age and going towards the same thing has increased that bond a little bit,” shared Sayler.

The play includes a close-knit group of girls, and this real-life bond was created by the cast. Sayler said, “Just figuring out the funny bits has been hysterical. It’s a really funny show. And then when we’re doing the really emotional parts, it takes a toll, so then at the end you’re in a weird kind of blur and you say some really funny things.” 

Sayler will be able to walk away from the production with lots of happy memories. Early in the play, there is a scene in which all the girls put orange slices in their mouth and take an orange peel smile picture. Sayler explained that one of her favorite memories of the show was the first time they practiced this scene. 

“I enjoyed figuring out how to talk with the orange slices and not spit everywhere,” shared Sayler.

Of course, though, the show took some grit. Since the production is about a soccer team, the cast had to touch up on their skills at the sport. Sayler claimed the hardest part of preparing for the show was teaching everyone how to play soccer. 

“[It was hard] not kicking the ball into the audience. We had a lot of small injuries and a couple of near decapitations of audience members,” laughed Sayler.

With all the hard work put in, Sayler encourages students to come out and see the last show of the year.

“It’s super short and it’s a good break from finals. We would love the support,” said Sayler. 

“The Wolves” runs April 20-23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Andreas Theatre. Tickets are $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and children under 16, and $8 for MSU students.

Header Photo: The cast of “The Wolves” practice warmups out on the field. The final show of the year highlights a girls high school soccer team as they navigate life’s big questions. (Ajay Kasaudhan/The Reporter)

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