Wow reading is actually really fun

As I woke up on April 9, I was bombarded with Snapchat memories of muddy boots, partying and backpacks filled with choice alcohol. 

I looked at these memories with fondness and appreciated how much fun I was able to have with my friends at events at College Town, whether it was a homecoming celebration or Spring Jam. I hadn’t missed the so called “darty” in three years. 

Then, I set my phone down, grabbed the latest mystery novel I had picked up off Amazon, and commanded my smart home device “Alexa, play relaxing jazz music.”

I continued to read for three whole hours, occasionally checking the exciting Snapchat stories of classmates going berserk in the mud, jamming out to the hype dance music. 

I came to a striking realization…I am an old man. But worse than that…I kind of liked it. 

As I sat glued to the page-turner of a book, window slightly ajar to allow for a cool breeze, I felt an incredible sense of calm and relaxation that I hadn’t been able to reach in a very long time. 

For anyone who knows me personally, I am hardly one to turn down an exciting day, or night for that matter, of dancing in debauchery, especially when a few cans of Michelob Golden Light are involved. 

Perhaps it is the slow approaching graduation date, or the relative lack of interest amongst my immediate friend group that kept me from the massive party. 

While those might be true, in my soul, I truly believe the reason I was okay with skipping out on the fun this year was that I was truly enthralled in the book I was reading. 

After years of trying my hardest to enjoy reading non-fiction books, purchasing a book every few months, and never getting past the first chapter, I finally decided to try something, reading for pleasure. 

It has truly shifted my entire view on the media that I consume. My screen time on TikTok has decreased substantially, I hardly open the YouTube app anymore, and I only boot up Netflix for one or two episodes every few days. 

So, while my days of muddy dartys and outdoor consumption are not over completely, I have definitely found a worthy contender for my relaxing weekend plans inside the pages of an engaging novel.

Header Photo: Reading can be a relaxing way to unwind after a long day or a hobby on days where you have nothing to do at all. No matter the age, reading is something anyone can do. (Jenna Peterson/The Reporter)

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