Fraternity and Sorority Life host fall recruitment

Fraternity & Sorority Life hosts this year’s 2022 Fall Recruitment week at Minnesota State University, Mankato, aiming to recruit new and old students to join. Starting Wednesday and going on through this Sunday, Fraternity & Sorority Life have planned events for recruits to find their new home.

With this being the first normal recruitment season compared to the past few years, MSU is home to four sorority chapters including Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Chi Omega. The six fraternity chapters include Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Psi, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha.

Yesterday was the Fraternity & Sorority social where recruits were able to meet potential the various chapters MSU offers. The Fraternity’s social was hosted in the Performing Arts Lawn and the Sorority’s in the Centennial Student Union. 

Today is the open house round where recruits will visit each chapter for about 30 minutes. The goal is to get to know members of that chapter as well as learn about their philanthropy opportunities.

Tomorrow is round two where recruits can visit up to three chapters for 60 minutes, usually business casual attire is worn.

Saturday is preference round where recruits will visit only two chapters for 60 minutes. The first Preference event starts at 10 a.m. and business attire is common. Sunday, which is Bid Day, will wrap up formal recruitment as recruits will find out if they’ve been matched to a sorority or fraternity.

Tim Tuchek, Interfraternity Council President, who joined Greek Life in the spring semester of 2020 voiced how joining a fraternity has helped him make connections. “I didn’t have any friends in the first semester, but they made me feel super welcome. They are always there for me and we do great stuff for the community too. I went from zero friends to 260 friends.”

Lauren Wojack, Panhellenic Council President, who has been involved in Greek Life since fall 2019 agreed. “It was very tough adjusting to my first semester. My experience in Greek Life has been different every single semester, there’s been some where I had to take care of my family and had to move home, but I had unending support from my sisters.”

This year FSL has about 260 active members and are looking to expand as formal recruitment will be wrapping up this weekend.

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Header Photo: Minnesota State University, Mankato’s six fraternity chapters host this year’s Greek Life social on the Performing Arts Lawn as they kick off day one of fall recruitment. (Dylan Engel/The Reporter)

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