In-person classes are more beneficial than Zoom

Nearly two and a half years after the Covid-19 pandemic started, students were able to return to campus without restrictions that were previously enforced. The most notable restriction placed on academics by the pandemic was resorting to classes that were strictly online. When the surge of cases lightened, students had the opportunity to return to classes in person while wearing a mask or attend via Zoom.

While the return to school last year had many students and professors attend class through Flexsync classes, there are still professors who allow students to come to class via Zoom, despite the university’s lifted restrictions. While certain students may attend remotely due to various reasons, whether that be for health or family emergencies, other students choose to Zoom from the comfort of their bed at their house. 

We were confined to our houses in the midst of 2020 at the peak of the pandemic; we simply had no choice. Now that classes in person have resumed, it’s more beneficial for students to retain information presented in a physical setting. Students are also more engaged when they are actively focused in the classroom instead of having their camera and microphone off while they scroll through social media.

Besides gaining new information that’s presented, students are able to ask questions and collaborate with other students, a task that’s critical for expanding student’s views while listening to other’s opinions. If students need clarification on an assignment or want to consult their professor for further advice, all students need to do is talk to their professor after class. There is no need to arrange Zoom meetings. In-person interaction was extremely limited the last few years and the return of somewhat normalcy shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Some students learn better when there is hands-on learning, especially science classes where labs may need to be taken. Learning from experience in person can also drastically change the way students learn and obtain information, making it easier to recall later on. Instead of getting practice from a two-dimensional image on a screen, attending classes in person makes it easier for students to get that information. Another major that directly benefits from hands-on art majors. Professors can share techniques and offer a second hand with large pieces. Art majors the last two years might not have been able to afford materials to construct pieces at their homes, making it challenging to complete their coursework. 

Attending classes in person is a part of the college experience as well. If students stay at home to attend school simply because they don’t want to go, they will miss out on opportunities to meet other students, attend events and get involved in campus organizations. 

As long as you are actively engaging in classes and working hard, it doesn’t matter what way you attend class, be it in person or over Zoom.

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