Rolling into new RSOs

There may be no Breakfast Club at Minnesota State University, Mankato, but there are plenty of other enjoyable Recognized Student Organizations, or RSOs students are able to join.

Although we are back in classrooms and can meet new people that way, oftentimes students are too busy completing classwork or listening to lectures to build long-lasting relationships with their classmates. However, RSOs can provide that opportunity for us as students. 

Organizations on campus range from academic, major-focused groups to Greek Life to specific interest clubs. This large list of RSOs leaves something for almost every student. 

College may be for students to hone in on specific skills, but it is also about developing life skills. Through clubs, students can learn to collaborate with peers, discover new interests, and network with others to build their resume. Commitment to hobbies is admirable and builds character. Furthermore, it can allow you to explore avenues with faculty that can impact your future careers and scholarship applications.

MSU students who are involved in RSOs are able to gain the opportunities to spend more time enjoying the campus and are more aware of what is going on pertaining to campus events. Speaking of campus events, at RSO involvement fairs, students can shop for their club of choice and can even search out volunteering and job opportunities. If a student is unable to make it to an involvement fair, they can scan organizations on the school’s website. Students can scan by category, or browse the list as a whole to find the right fit for them.

Yet, if the desired club isn’t found among the sea of tables at involvement fairs, students can even create their own! This can be a great way to search out people with shared interests and network with those interested in a niche topic. In order to start an organization, a student would need to create a club title and constitution, recruit five members and select a staff advisor to work with the group. We as students should take advantage of that opportunity since it is our home for most of us the next few years.

Continuing interests from high school via clubs at university can act as a sense of familiarity in a period of transition for students and can help campus feel more like home and solidify a sense of self. 

The college experience is not only built on sleepless nights and studying homework, but also on building friendships and going through self-discovery. RSOs are a constructive, yet fun way to engage with peers and create memories.

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