Getting all the gains

With how busy students can get, it’s important for students to take time to prioritize their physical and mental health. Physical exercise is important for students to partake in as there are several benefits from taking time out of their day to focus on themselves.

Some students worry about finding the time to exercise with all their coursework and extracurriculars that they might be involved in. Carving out time to exercise doesn’t mean that one has to devote three hours a day to work on their health. If all a student can do is 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week, students will still be able to see results in a matter of time.

Exercise allows students to take a mental break from their studies. By stepping away from your textbooks it allows students to focus on themselves and let them get out of their own heads for a while. If they have any stress, it’s an opportunity for students to sweat their issues away. Listening to music that motivates students while they are working out can be an encouraging way to work out more, especially if students have a specially curated playlist they listen to only when working out.

Exercising several times a week allows students to focus on their physical and mental health simultaneously. Students are often so focused on their studies that they don’t get the time to focus on themselves. Setting aside time to enjoy some physical activity allows students to not worry about their assignments. This, in turn, makes students’ mental health better as they can step away from their work. Exercise benefits students’ long term health, so it’s best for students to start now.

Some students are worried about the expenses that come with exercising, such as finding a gym with a cheap membership plan. Students should take advantage of the opportunities that MSU has to offer. The Otto Rec Center is open seven days a week and has plenty of workout equipment. Students can lift weights, do cardio and rent racquetball courts. In Pennington Hall, there are several group exercise classes free of charge that are available to students. Most classes are a little under an hour which doesn’t take a lot of time out of a student’s day. Students should take advantage of the opportunity of free gym and classes offered instead of spending money on a gym membership that is located off campus. 

Whether it’s a half hour of yoga or an hour and a half of strength training, students should take time out of their day to exercise to support themselves both physically and mentally. It’s one of the best things students can do. 

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