Show that Maverick Spirit

Homecoming is the week that is the most looked forward to. With several events taking place throughout the week, students should seize the opportunity to partake in all the opportunities the university has to offer.

Homecoming allows students to build a sense of community. It is the time of year for students to share a bond over their community and school they attend. It gives students a chance to see what clubs and activities students can join, which is a great way for students to get involved. With all the events that take place, there are several opportunities to make new friends. Whether it is participating in game day tailgating or going to the lip sync battle, students are bound to meet others with similar interests. 

The week of homecoming also creates a sense of school spirit. By uniting with other students and organizations. Students can get overwhelmed by schoolwork and extracurriculars and by taking time to focus on fun activities can boost student’s overall moods. Wearing purple and gold, screaming the absolute loudest and taking time to spend with your friends boosts not only the school’s spirits, but everyone’s attitudes as well.

With all the festivities going on, there is bound to be something for everyone. Attend the lip sync battle, watch the food eating competition or cheer at the bonfire; at least one of the events should catch your attention. With the week ending in the concert, parade and football game, the energy just grows and grows. Students should have no problem attending one, if not, several events throughout the week. 

Homecoming also creates memories through students. Students never know what event will create a memory that they recall years from now. Be it the victorious football win or the rowdy cheers of watching the bonfire tower collapse, the most memories are made during homecoming week. However, these memories cannot be made if students do not participate in the events homecoming has to offer. 

Homecoming only happens once a year and students should take advantage of every event that occurs at MSU. Students should step out of their comfort zones and participate in everything they can to ensure that their school spirit does not go to waste.

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