Maverick football defeat Bears at Homecoming game

On a thrilling weekend jammed packed with sports, The football team relishes a two-game winning streak once again. 

The Mavericks would head up north to the Metro Area and defeat the University of Concordia Golden Bears Golden Bears 25-15, pushing them to a record of 4-1 on the year. The game would start out slow for the Mavericks in the opening quarters. It wouldn’t be until halftime came and the Mavericks would jump out in front with an aggressive offense and defense pushing them to a victory.

However, in the aftermath of a game, it seems the Mavericks have something new that has been talked about for months. Who is gonna be the one calling the shots under center going forward? It is clear that after this game that a new option is about to be considered.

Going into training camp, The two Sophomores Mitch Randall and Hayden Ekern would split duty and battle for the incumbent starter. Starting in the first two games, both men would be in action and produce respectable results.

Now it appears Head Coach Todd Hoffner has a new candidate looking to make his mark on being a future starter. Surprisingly it is someone who no one had on the radar going into this season, but due to injuries has risen to the opportunity presented.

The newest member to add to the competition for the Mavericks is freshman Camden Dean out of Lakeville, Minne. Coming in as a three-sport athlete out of Lakeville South Highschool. Dean would help lead the Cougars to the conference championship and two state championships between his sophomore and senior year.

The first-year player would make his debut in the fourth quarter and would lead the Mavericks on a thrilling comeback in the loss against Northern State. The following week he would make a full-time starter for the Mavericks’ Homecoming win over the University of Mary and start over the weekend against the Golden Bears.

Currently, Dean has completed over fifty percent of his passes and thrown for six touchdowns and three interceptions on the year. Even for being the first year, he is someone who has the talent and the potential to improve. 

Currently, he is 2-0 as a full-time starter and will look to build his win streak going forward in the season. It will be a must-watch to see if Dean is the future signal caller or a one-year wonder.

Header Photo: Camden Dean, (QB) a freshman at MSU, is from Lakeville, Minn. (Courtesy of MSU Athletics)

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