Two new senators join Student Government

Jordan Muller and Abbey Andre were named to the Student Senate Wednesday’s Student Government meeting. Andre was appointed as the at-large Residence Community Senator and Muller the at-large Off-Campus Senator. 

“I’m excited to start some projects and work with President Zellmer and other senators,” Muller said. “Affordable housing and access to transportation and representing off-campus students are things I am looking forward to.” 

Muller had two others that ran against him which included Sydney Dumond and Doyle Bilise.

Andre, a freshman from Sioux Falls, S.D., was also sworn in. “I am excited to help out students and be able to help out with accessibility issues,” said Andre.

In other news, David Wing, the president of Turning Point USA and College of Humanities and Social Sciences senator, addressed the senate regarding the allegation at last week’s meeting involving TPUSA and claims of inequality.

“These allegations are absolutely against what we stand for. We pride ourselves on creating a space for people of all backgrounds to converse civilly about the issues facing our nation,” said Wing.

Last week a teaching assistant from the Communication Studies program told senators two of her students were told they would be denied access to Turning Point USA because they weren’t American. Wing denied the claims, saying they vehemently oppose such behavior.

Bennett Hanson announced his resignation as At-Large Residence Community Senator.

Header Photo: Jordan Muller (left) and Abbey Andre were appointed as senators at the latest Student Government meeting. (Julia Barton/The Reporter)

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