Upward Bound makes education more accessible

When future students are trying to deal with financial issues, a proper way of filing the application documents and meeting the deadlines for enrollment, it can become complicated. Each student has their own experience in entering the university and if a potential student’s family has not previously received higher education and cannot help with admission, the task of “getting into college” becomes completely unbearable. 

Upward Bound is a nationwide program designed to help low-income high school students with the potential to become first-generation in getting their higher education. As the program director George Corey noted, it is free for school students because it is entirely sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. 

“We happen to have just recently received another 5-year grant. [Upward Bound’s] goal is to help students better prepare in high school so that they have more tools to be successful when they enter college,” Corey said.

Upward Bound helps students not only during the admission period but also throughout the school year. Preparation of documents, college selection as well as travel for the development of horizons is provided to students for an unforgettable experience with the program.

“We provide service to students both academic year and during the summer. In the summer students live on-campus for five weeks and then we travel for a week,” Corey said.

The contribution of the program to the development of students is manifested not only in working with documents and getting to know the campus, but also in interesting classes and traveling. By participating in the summer program, students take certain classes that enhance their academic preparation for a new experience of life in college. In addition to the courses, students are participating in different sports activities and travel to various places in the U.S. During the program, they also attend various cultural events such as theaters, galleries and more.

“They have some core classes in the morning: math, English, science and foreign language. And then they have elective classes in the afternoon. In the evening we provide other activities that are sometimes just recreational, educational or even a combination of both. We try to explore some music, theatre, and art,” Corey said.

Students of every nation can participate in the Upward Bound program. Usually, students learn about the program from their friends or school advisors which provides students with many tools for a successful academic experience. 
The summer program can be interesting for University students too. Those who have the tension to participate in educational activities can be interested in applying to Upward Bound to help in providing the best experience for high school students while they explore available resources in university.

“[College students] help us with providing a safe living environment in a residence hall, participating in activities and guiding students through activities. We also have some of our classes in the afternoon and we often look for people who have a certain talent, who like to teach somebody,” Corey said.

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