Cliche Halloween costumes to avoid

Halloween is upon us and several students have already picked out their costumes for the long weekend of partying ahead. Year after year, the same costumes show up on your feed, lacking originality, but boasting “personality.” If you haven’t selected a costume yet, make sure to avoid these cliches:

Making something un-sexy sexy- Is it really necessary to make a UPS driver, guitar or chicken nugget sexy? While most of these scandalous costumes follow popular professions, any object can become sexy by sheer lack of fabric. To each their own, but I don’t think I need to see an sexy outfit that represents the goldfish that died three days after I went to the county fair…

Nurse- Nurses have risky jobs. They see an average amount of gore and blood each day to become its own horror show. If you want to stick with this costume, might I suggest scrubs or long dresses that nurses wore in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Short dresses don’t protect against bodily fluids.

Animal- Yes, it’s Halloween and yes, I understand that you want to show off your “wild” side, but a pair of ears and lingerie isn’t going to convince me that you stepped out of a National Geographic documentary.

Pirates- Swashbuckling adventures occur on Halloween as most people are out searching to find the treasure of debauchery. These costumes tend to have a lot of detail, making them seem elaborate. However, what these pirates didn’t find was a creative costume. 

Inmate- Pretty prisoners and charming criminals are seen at nearly every party. Whether you prefer the orange or classic striped jumpsuit paired with the placard of your crime, this is an efficient costume to wear should the night take an unexpected turn. 

Ref- This is another quick outfit if you’re running low on time to find a costume. While you may think that you’re getting ready to “judge” a game, we all know that you’re secretly judging everyone’s costumes. And yet here you are wearing one of the most basic…

Angel/Demon- Typically, two best friends will coordinate outfits inspired by Heaven and Hell. These costumes are suited for Halloween, but secretly, those who wear these outfits are excited for Christmas to begin. Why else would they wear clothes deemed “naughty and nice” the day before the holiday season begins?

Onesie- For students running out of time, onesies are the perfect solution to dress up. It means that you’re chill, laidback and comfortable hanging around people. It also means you’re well prepared knowing that you’re gonna crash on someone random’s couch at the end of the night, blanketless and sans pillow.

Memes/Vines- Think back to the classic memes or Vines you quoted back in middle school as most are easily able to recreate with clothes that you have in your closet. Pair it with a cardboard cutout to carry that looks like the app to add a little edge. 

No costumes- We’ve all been there. Halloween sneaks up on the best of us or maybe you don’t have the budget to purchase a costume. But you know what they say- those who wear the least, party the most.

Header photo: The fact that these pumpkins have carved masks more creative than your costumes is saying something… (Flickr photo)

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