International Cricket tournament’s great success

International cricket tournament took place for the first time after the long period of Covid-19. Cricket tournament took place in Myers field house hosted by the Minnesota state university Mankato cricket club. Seven teams took part in this tournament and 12 matches were scheduled between golden and purple groups.

First day of Tournament matches were played among gold groups in which MSU Markhor and NeStCom played against each other in which Markhors scored 76 with two wickets however their opponent scored 85 with 4 wickets and won the match by 9 runs. Match two of first day was played between team India and NeStCom in which team Indian scored 85 with two wickets meanwhile NeStCom scored 71 with four wickets with that team winning the game with 14 runs.

The last game of the first day was played between MSU Markhor and Team India in which Markhors scored 48 with one wicket meaning Indians scored 47 with three wickets with Markhor winning the match six wickets.

Second day of the tournament five matches were played. The first game was the fourth game of the tournament which was between Vikings and Team Lions in which Vikings scored 54 with 6 wickets and Lions scored 57 with one wicket with which the lion won the fourth match with 6 wickets. As the tournament progress fifth match was played between Viking and SDSUCC in which Viking took the victory by 8 runs by scoring 73 with five wickets meanwhile SDSUCC scored 65 with four wickets and as for the sixth match Bengal Tigers took thee victory with a big margin of 46 score by scoring 99 on 3 wicket mean while Team India scored 53 with seven wickets. As for the last two matches SDSUCC won the seventh match by 5 wickets and the last match of the second day of the tournament won by Bengal Tigers by 48 runs.

On the last day of the Tournament four matches were played in which Two were semifinal and one final. However, that ninth match was played between Bengal tigers and MSU Markhors in which Bengal Tigers won the match with 19 runs and with that both teams advanced to semifinals within their group. The first match of the semi finals was played between MNSU Markhors and Team Lions which was win by MNSU Markhors by two runs with that MNSU Markhor goes to finals the other match of the semi finals was played between Bengal Tigers and SDSUCC and Tigers won the match by 31 runs and with that goes to finals and played against MNSU Markhors which was won by Bengal Tigers by six wickets won the Tournament.

Header Photo: International Cricket Tournament champions Bengal Tigers (right) and the MNSU Markhors team. (Dominic Bothe/The Reporter)

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