Global Entrepreneurship Week to create community

Global Entrepreneurship Week highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and runs at Minnesota state rom Nov. 14-18 

The Center for Innovation and  Entrepreneurship, alongside the Center for Women, planned many events for women in business. The Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Shane Bowyer, encourages students to expose themselves to business through his own experience with entrepreneurship.

“It is about developing an entrepreneurial mindset, being creative, and seeing others who are successful. I never thought I would own my own business, but being exposed to it led me to become a business owner,” said Bowyer.

Local organizations will be present in hopes of creating a sense of community. 

“We highlight the successes of local entrepreneurs, as well as students to bring a sense of community,” said Bowyer. “It takes a lot of people to start a business, it takes a community and all of those resources coming together.”

The events this week aim to provide students with resources, experiences, and connections. Administrative Coordinator for the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ashley Niss, believes in the importance of giving students these tools. By attending events throughout the week, students will have access to all of them.

“You never know who you’re going to meet. You might meet someone who could give you great advice, a job, or an idea that pushes you in the right direction,” Niss said.

Senior Molly Kes, the treasure of the Maverick Entrepreneurship Club, has found entrepreneurship inspirational. She feels that this area of study is overlooked in how beneficial it can be.

“Entrepreneurship is important for students to learn about because it can be very beneficial in so many ways,” said Kes. “For example, starting your career, running your own business– no matter what kind of business– can add so much to one’s character. I feel it is an overlooked area of study and many don’t realize just how beneficial it can be.”

Kes said she intends to attend as many events as possible, such as Start UP Smart and the documentary showing of “Shot of Influence”, which took place Monday: and the Power of Podcast.

GEW gives students a chance to learn more about different aspects and approaches to business that can spark a wide variety of inspiration and career possibilities. All events are free with registration.

“Entrepreneurship is more about starting a business, it is a state of mind. It entails creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Being an entrepreneur is so much more than owning a business,” said Niss.Various events will take place all week, such as TikTok for Small Business Thursday and Startup to Restart Friday. More information can be found at or by contacting Niss at

Header photo: The goal of Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to provide students with resources and connections. MSU’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is one resource students can utilize. (Dominic Bothe/The Reporter)

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