Thanksgiving dishes ranked

With Thanksgiving a week away, one of the best feasts of the year is upon us. Most houses will be serving the same dishes, usually with a unique twist on them. While some dishes are a tasty treat that are worth savoring every bite, others can be overhyped. Here are my rankings from best to worst:

Green bean casserole- This might just be my Midwestern side coming out, but nothing screams holidays to me more than this dish. Packed with flavor, it’s creamy, comforting and slightly crispy. Thanksgiving is the only time of year that I get to enjoy this and it’s one of my favorite ways to kick off the true holiday season. The leftovers are just as good as when it’s fresh, making it one of my favorite leftovers. 

Corn Cassarole- Dubbed in my family as “company corn,” this dish has many special memories tied to the dish. Baked with love, it smells and tastes like “spending time with family next to the fireplace.” This comforting dish is served year-round in our house, but it just tastes better when it’s placed among all the other dishes at our table. Other families can make their own variations, but honestly, nothing can top my Grandma Bev’s version. 

Turkey- The staple piece to any dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. However, depending on the outcome of the turkey determines how well the feast will go. If seasoned well, flavorful and (everyone’s favorite word) moist, then it’s safe to assume the rest of the meal will be the same. While it’s a chillier time of year, a grilled turkey can taste like warmer summer months. Turkey also includes the iconic wishbone break and no other food allows a game afterward. 

Pumpkin pie- The reliable dessert for Thanksgiving is pie of any kind and while pie isn’t my go-to dessert of choice, I think it works well. Depending on how much food you consumed, you can pick how big of a slice you want to choose. With Christmas being planned pretty much the day after, this is the last time you can enjoy pumpkin spice anything, so savor every minute of eating it. 

Mashed Potatoes and gravy- Out of all the versatile ways to eat potatoes, this ranks lower on the scale for me. The ratio of gravy to mashed potatoes has to be perfect in order to not overpower each other. To me, I feel that these are only good when they’re served fresh and warm. The potatoes can be okay as leftovers, but only if there’s not a pile of congealed gravy on top. 

Cranberry sauce- This side dish can either be a hit or miss. The canned version does not hit as good as homemade. Zesty, tangy and sweet, I can only enjoy small amounts at a time. The way I prefer cranberry sauce when it’s whipped in butter which makes a great addition to add to dinner rolls.

Candied sweet potatoes- I only added this because it’s a popular dish, yet not served at our house. I think having mashed potatoes is already enough and for a meal that’s already loaded with carbs, it seems to be almost overkill. I prefer marshmallows on s’mores and this dish off the buffet line.

Header photo: There are several dishes on the Thanksgiving menu; however, some rank higher than others. (Flickr photo)

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