‘Tis the season of giving, and GP’s are in high demand

My grandma always tells my brother and me that we are GPs (good person). To her, that means thinking about others and overall being a genuine person through and through without having to ask others if they are good people. 

As the holidays roll around, more and more people try to prove their generosity and graciousness. During this time of year, people are encouraged to volunteer, donate and show more compassion to others. Why does it take us almost an entire year to show these elevated levels of kindness? 

During the holiday season, people are so consumed by the thoughts of buying presents and what they can purchase for friends. In addition to Christmas, secret Santa and white elephant parties are common, adding more purchases to the never-ending list. In the back burner of our minds, it’s always “where can I score the best deals?” and “what gift speaks to them?” 

As someone who enjoys giving my friends and family gifts that they will love, this year has been different. Being a college student, my budget has been tight and I realized that participating in all those side parties would tank my bank account. I don’t like getting gifts if I can’t give them in return; it makes me feel like a bad person. Therefore, I made the tough decision to not participate in any of them (although I’m still planning on attending because I easily contract F.O.M.O.) 

At first, I felt a bit down since one of my favorite parts of the season is seeing their excited expressions. Being home for Thanksgiving and hearing friend’s wishlists made me ache to go broke. However, these conversations were easily passed as we started to catch up on what happened during our semesters. 

This moment made me realize that spending time with the ones I love is the best gift I could give to them. Attending college out of state, I don’t go home often to see family and with majority of my friends at colleges around the midwest, it’s a rarity to see them as well. Whether it’s having a game night with my friends or sitting around the dinner table with my family, sharing conversations and quality time is the cheapest, yet most valuable present.

This year, while you’re contemplating if your wishlist will be fulfilled, take my grandma’s advice and become a GP this year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. 

Header Photo: Christmas Season is fast approaching, and ‘tis the season for gifting. While money is nice, sometimes the best present you can give is quality time. (Flickr Photo)

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