Student Government appoints first senator of the new year

The 90th Student Government appointed the first senator of the new year, Camille Hart, to fill the College of Allied Health and Nursing position during Wednesday’s meeting.

Hart is a sophomore, majoring in communication science and disorders from Red Wing, Minnesota, and plans to help students in the College of Allied Health and Nursing to connect more with each other.

“One thing I’d love to do is connect more with my college. Right now I’m unsure who I would reach out to for allied health itself, but being a part of this group would give me an opportunity to talk to more people in my college and see if they have any ideas and how to better our experience,” Hart said.

Currently, she is the only senator for the College of Allied Health and Nursing with several spots available within that college.

“I would take this opportunity to help everyone in allied health to feel like they have a voice and are heard,” Hart said.

Several senator vacancies still remain open in various categories such as the College of Science Engineering and Technology, Residence Hall At Large and Off Campus senator. Those positions will become available later this month.

Other orders of business in the meeting consisted of an officer report from Senator Roshit Niraula who has been meeting with a student group the “Wayfinding Wizards,” that are actively working on an application to navigate buildings around campus, specifically Trafton.

Some of the features that are sought to be included consist of voice commands, voice outputs and live tracking.

“We are looking at a bunch of live tracking that is both on budget and completely free,” Niraula said.

The mobile application ideally would launch at the end of the spring semester.

Header photo: Camille Hart is sworn into the 90th Student Government senate Wednesday night. (Dylan Long/The Reporter)

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