The benefits of RSOs

With the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) fair going on this week, it’s time to realize the importance of being involved on campus. RSOs offer students benefits that might not initially be discovered in the classroom. We, as students, believe that getting involved with clubs on campus presents the opportunity to improve the college experience.

There are many benefits that come along with being involved on campus that many may not realize. Simply joining a club offers up plenty of networking opportunities that can make job hunting easier. In today’s world, it often comes down to the connections you make and there is no better or easier way to connect than by meeting up with students with your same interests.

The one thing about college that everyone dreads is schoolwork. Schoolwork can be tedious, stressful and a total vibe killer. At times, it can completely consume us students. Although studying is the primary reason to attend college, it’s also important to know when to take a break.

By becoming a part of a student organization, it provides the perfect excuse to get away from your studies, while still doing something productive and school related. I know there are moments we need to cram, but giving yourself a break is a part of what it takes to succeed.

Getting a degree is obviously an important part of college, but another important aspect is socialization. College is the perfect place to meet the most significant people in your life. Joining an organization makes meeting these people that much easier. It also pushes you to put yourself out there when you wouldn’t usually have the confidence to.

Some people are able to simply walk up to someone and introduce themselves; however, meeting new people isn’t easy for everyone. RSOs can make first time interactions much less intimidating and also provide students with a safe space.

To go along with networking, student organizations are also a great resume builder. Plenty of clubs can help you obtain and learn certain skills, as well as give you a great deal of experience to take with you to your future endeavors. It is much easier to get hired when companies can see you’re involved and have a high experience level.

There are so many positive takeaways from being a part of a RSO. At Minnesota State, there are so many organizations, it’s not hard to find one that shares your same interests. MSU also provides the possibility of starting a new club if you aren’t impressed with the current organizations. 

Find the time to join an RSO and be a part of the community. Becoming involved will only set you up for a successful future.

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