Graphic Design Club creates cards for conference

Minnesota State’s Graphic Design Club is raising money to travel to the National Student Show and Conference in Dallas. 

The event, which occurs annually each April, attracts students from all over the country where they can make new connections, participate in competitions and have new experiences in various fields of design. 

“The reason why we want to go there is that it’s one of the best design shows in the whole United States and different students from all over the U.S. will attend it, and a couple of our team members are going there as well. Just to see how other students design and get some ideas,” said the President of the Graphic Design Club, Naqibul Mahboob.

Mahboob believes participation in the conference will help students learn more about what design is and how people use their skills around the country.

“Hopefully this conference or the trip will help them realize that there are so many things to do with graphic design,” said Mahboob. 

Students, faculty and visitors may contribute to the fundraising for the Graphic Design Club. According to Mahboob, the club has created the design for Valentine’s theme gift cards, which they sell for a small price for people to give to their loved ones. 

“We designed about 10 different Valentine-theme cards and a couple of buttons. We are selling them at CSU. One Valentine-themed card for one dollar each,” said Mahboob. “If you buy the card from Hallmark or Target it’s going to cost you about $4 or $5. But we are selling it cheap because we got the resources from the graphic design lab.”

Mahboob said he is enthusiastic about the trip to a conference, where members of the Graphic Design Club can gain more experience and connect with students from other states.

“I have been to a Portfolio Review Conference that people look up to. But other than that, I haven’t been to a big conference. And I’m excited because I’m traveling out of state to school, and then we’re gonna go with the team, and we’re gonna have fun,” said Mahboob. “We’re deciding which hotel we’re going to go to. We probably gonna book a flight together and all that is making me excited – going there, seeing different students’ designs firsthand is also exciting.”

The Graphic Design Club will have more fundraising coming. Anyone visiting the university can help them raise enough funds to travel to the NSSC, which, according to Mahboob, will benefit students’ experience in the design field greatly.  

Header photo: The Graphic Design Club is selling cards in order to attend a conference in Dallas to expand their skills and gain knowledge on design. (Lilly Anderson/The Reporter)

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